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NISP Resources

Below are current NISP resources that technicians should be familiar. Please select the link associated with the report to download a PDF and review. All NISP procedures posted on D&Z Radiological Services site are for information only.  Verification of current revision is required prior to use.


NISP-RP-01 Portable Survey Instruments

This document provides basic instructions to operate common instruments used for radiation and contamination surveys.  General descriptions, operating characteristics and limitations of these instruments are provided as attachments. 

Download PDF (777.3 KB)

NISP-RP-02 Radiation and Contamination Surveys

This document describes the process for performing and documenting radiological surveys.

Download PDF (610.7 KB)

NISP-RP-03 Radiological Air Sampling

This document describes when air samples must be collected and the processes for sample collection, determining airborne concentrations, and taking appropriate actions based on analytical results. Sampling methods are described for airborne particulates, iodine and noble gas.

Download PDF (1023.2 KB)

NISP-RP-04 Radiological Posting and Labeling

This document describes the processes and instructions to establish boundaries, barriers, postings, and labels necessary to inform workers on the radiological hazards in the work area. Instructions are also included for actions required to maintain the integrity of boundaries for High Radiation Areas, Locked High Radiation Areas, and Very High Radiation Areas.

Download PDF (604.0 KB)

NISP-RP-05 Access Controls for High Radiation Areas

This document describes the controls in place to access High Radiation Areas and Locked High Radiation Areas.

Download PDF (497.6 KB)

NISP-RP-06 Personnel Contamination Monitoring

This document describes the process for monitoring personnel for skin and clothing contamination and proper decontamination methods.

Download PDF (625.4 KB)

NISP-RP-07 Control of Radioactive Material

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance for the survey, release or control of materials from Radiological Controlled Areas.

Download PDF (591.4 KB)

NISP-RP-08 Use of HEPA Equipment

This document provides instructions for the selection, operation and monitoring of HEPA ventilation and vacuum equipment used for radiological protection.

Download PDF (518.2 KB)

NISP-RP-09 Radiography

This document provides instructions to Radiation Protection personnel for establishing boundaries, postings, and controls in support of on-site radiography. This procedure only contains the specific requirements as they apply to Supplemental RPT providing job coverage. Site procedures will contain other actions for site RP personnel.

Download PDF (928.9 KB)

NISP-RP-10 Radiological Job Coverage

This document describes the processes and instructions for monitoring radiological work based on the radiological risk and the types of radiological hazards that may be present. Protective measures are described for each type of radiological hazard to guide job coverage technicians in minimizing personnel dose and the potential spread of contamination.

Download PDF (759.5 KB)

NISP-RP-11 Radiation Protection Fundamentals

This document describes the core values and behaviors that are necessary to implement effective radiological protection fundamentals for the protection of workers and the public. Radiation protection personnel are expected to understand and apply these values and behaviors during the conduct of assigned work.

Download PDF (711.9 KB)

NISP-RP-12 Training and Qualification of Supplemental RP Technicians

This document describes the process for training supplemental RP technicians to perform common tasks and maintain qualifications that are portable among nuclear sites.

Download PDF (632.6 KB)

NISP-RP-13 RP Standard Glossary of Terms

This document describes standard definition of radiological terms used in the nuclear power industry and used in various Nuclear Industry Standard Processes (NISP).

Download PDF (504.0 KB)


Lesson Plans

Below please find lesson plans that should be studied.

JR Fundamental Lesson Plan

Download PDF (2.4 MB)

SR Fundamental Lesson Plan

Download PDF (2.4 MB)

RP02.01 Portable Radiation Survey Instruments

Download Power Point Presentation (10.3 MB)

RP02.02 - Performing Radiation and Contamination Surveys

Download Power Point Presentation (2.7 MB)

RP 2.03 Collect and Evaluate Radiological Air Samples

Download PDF (443.7 KB)

RP 2.04/RP3.04 Posting Radiological Hazards

Download PDF (568.8 KB)

RP 2.05/RP 3.05 Control Access into High Radiation Areas and Locked High Radiation Areas

Download Power Point Presentation (999.0 KB)

RP 2.06/RP 3.06 Monitor Personnel Contamination and Unconditional Release

Download Power Point Presentation (1.3 MB)

RP 2.07/RP 3.07 Control of Radioactive Material with an RCA

Download Power Point Presentation (4.8 MB)

RP 2.08 Use and Control of HEPA Filtration and Vacuum Equipment

Download Power Point Presentation (3.0 MB)

RP 2.10/3.10 Radiological Job Coverage

Download Power Point Presentation (1.7 MB)

RP 3.09 Provide Job Coverage for Radiography

Download Power Point Presentation (2.3 MB)

Continuous Training Information

2019 Continuing Training Instructions (13.5 KB)

DZ Performance Management (269.6 KB)

Nantel User Instructions (1.7 MB)